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Alaskan Glacier


Liv Heininger

President - Liv Heininger (och23)

My role as President is simply to make CUGS even better than it's ever been before - and I fully intend to do so! We've got loads of plans for new events as well as keeping the old ones going strong! I'll be directing our efforts and coordinating between roles, although this year we're really trying to work as a team. You'll be hearing lots from me over the next year but I'd love to hear from you as well. Any comments or ideas you have are always welcome :)

Ben Peacock

Vice President - Ben Peacock (bjp33)

Hi, I'm Ben, a Robinson Geographer! As Vice-President, I assist Liv in the running of all aspects of CUGS and help to make sure that everything from ENTs to Speakers to Stash to the Bedford Travel Grant runs smoothly. Outside Geography, I am a keen cricket and tennis player, and am also heavily involved in College Access work and volunteer teaching. I am always open to any suggestions or queries about any aspect of CUGS, so please just drop me an e-mail if you have anything to ask.

Matt Seymour

Treasurer & Web Officer - Matt Seymour (mjs255)

Hello! I'm Matt, and I am a third year at Robinson. I am the Treasurer, and so its my responsibility to keep CUGS accounts in order, and make sure CUGS can continue to organise great events whilst remaining in budget. I am also responsible for the running and mainaining of the CUGS website, which I'm sure you are familiar with if you are reading this now! Outside of CUGS, I enjoy travel, playing many different sports, cycling, and supporting Watford FC!

Alex Ballard

Secretary - Alex Ballard (ab2074)

Hollaaa, I'm Alex, I'm a second year at St John's and I shall be undertaking the most important t role in the society this year, that of secretary to the society and personal assistant to El Presidente Heininger. As the most valuable member of the society it is up to me keep everything running and exert censorship powers over agendas and membership. As such please feel free to contact me over any membership issues or matters for discussion.

Emily Wymer

Speakers & Careers - Emily Wymer (ew383)

Hi, I'm Emily, a third year at Trinity Hall. In my role of Speakers Officer, I'll be ensuring we have a busy and exciting term-card for academic year 2013-14, with speakers to suit everyone's taste, be you physical or human! We'll also be organising the careers events for the coming year, which we hope to make bigger and better with a larger range of employers. Outside of CUGS, I enjoy learning languages, travelling, politics, writing for the student papers, and swimming. Although not all at the same time. Please do get in touch if you have any brilliant ideas or burning desires to see your favourite Geographers speak!

Rachel Meunier

Publicity and Ents - Rachel Meunier (rlem2)

Hello! I'm Rachel, second year at Newnham and part of the Ents team this year. We are responsible for organising several events including the annual Garden Party, Freshers' Week, the Christmas Dinner, and many more. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact any of us and get excited for CUGS' best events yet!

Pippa Stevens

Ents - Pippa Stevens (ps603)

Hi, I'm Pippa, a second year at Catz and an ENTs officer! The ENTs team will be organising a number of the usual events this year such as the May Week Garden Party, but we're also looking to introduce some new things, for example a networking event. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us, it would be lovely to get more geographers involved!

Robyn Lockyer

Ents - Robyn Lockyer (rl466)

Hi, I'm Robyn, a second year at Newnham and one of the Ents officers for CUGS this year. The Ents team will be organising a range of events over the next 12 months; including the May Week Garden party, Freshers' meet, Christmas Dinner and various other geographer-bonding social events throughout the year! Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any further ideas to add to the CUGS calendar; the Ents team would love to hear from you!

Cassie Herlihy

Ents - Cassie Herlihy (ch615)

Hey, I'm Cassie a second year at Fitz and part of the Ents team this year. Our primary focus for this term will be the annual Garden Party, yet we look forward to ensuring an eventful and exciting CUGS calendar over the next 12 months. Any ideas with regards to new CUGS events would be greatly appreciated, we hope to make the event calendar this year the best yet, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Patrick Vickery

Ents - Patrick Vickery (pjv29)

Hi, I'm Patrick, a second year at Fitz. I'm part of this year's Ents team, and will be working with the other members to put on some great events for all the Geographers at Cambridge. These include Freshers' events, the annual Christmas Dinner, and the May Week Garden Party; these all provide a great opportunity to meet people studying the same subject as you. Feedback is always welcome, so get in touch with any ideas you may have!

Alex Jackman

Green - Alex Jackman (ajj47)

Hi,I'm Alex, a third-year geographer at Fitz. I'll be nagging other committee members to consider the ethical and environmental implications of their events, trying to persuade cynics (and even non-geographers) that such considerations are worthwhile, and hopefully running some engaging and entertaining green events. Outside of geography, my hobbies include rowing, cycling to rowing, cycling from rowing, and thinking about rowing.